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*Sisters* inventory is always evolving!  Our store runs on the recycled clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories of our customers and friends. 

What we accept is constantly changing and adapting to what is in demand and what we already have. Because we only accept garments for 60 days, we look for what we believe will sell in that time period and tend to be season-specific.  Current trending styles and brands from the last 1-2 years are those considered for consignment.

Every 2 months, we will put your remaining items on sale, then donate unsold items to the Women's Shelter or other community rehabilitation programs, or they will be absorbed into *Sisters* inventory.  Nothing goes to waste!  

To consign your clothes at *Sisters*, all items must be in excellent to like-new condition.  Additionally: 

  • Sellers may only bring up to 20-25 items to consign. 
  • All items must be laundered and free from stains or heavy wear.
  • Sellers have option to consign for cash or trade.

We have a 20-25 item limit, so select your best pieces!  All items must be freshly laundered. We are looking for clothes that are in great condition, in season, and in style. We also accept shoes, handbags, and accessories.


30% cash or 40%trade

We determine the selling price of all items.  When your item sells, you will receive either 40% of the profits in store credit or 30% in cash.  This can change if there is a fluctuation in the resell market.  We will post a sign at the counter if there is a change.

If choosing cash, we will issue you a check.  It is your responsibility to pick up your check, preferably once a month.  If your cash out total is over $50, then we reserve the right to pay a maximum of $50 once a month until your percentage is paid out.  (Due to unforeseen events, it's possible that payouts will be delayed and only in-store credit will be an option for the duration.) 

Store cash/credit is valid for 1 year.  If not redeemed, the store will absorb the value of your account.  

Store credit may NOT be used toward new retail items.